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I know someone's gonna take what I say and try to accuse me of being every political label under the sun, but considering how YouTube banned Mumkey because of his darker comedy that didn't violate the ToS, and this Discord mod banning Quackity because of his video being seen as offensive by title alone because the mod is an oversensitive twat, all while Quackity didn't violate the ToS, you can see a common thread here It's a bunch of overly-sensitive, whiny cunts that are getting worked up over harmless comedy and going on a Crusade to expunge them from the internet to promote a politically-correct message This is precisely why I hate these pseudo-intellectual hyper-political types invading everything and deciding everything must be political and must abide by THEIR vision alone Political extremism, regardless of where it lands on the spectrum, is a cancer upon society, and my God, does society need chemotherapy Evaporated milk and cereal actually good asl use Frosted Flakes doe. 2004 baby but I feel old now 😂😂 such nostalgia The gap between her teeth is bigger than my future So no one talking about the Spanish girl lmao, probably the best here and did it in two languages The hacker was behind you in the big bilding. Adult metal porno Rebecca in the you remember when you broke into Steven shares house so Grace has blonde hair and long hair so I think she's the hacker Grace I saw a flamingo pen at World Market I said “OMG WHEN DID ALBERT BECOME A PEN?!” in my head OMG IS THIS AUTOTUNE BECAUSE THIS IS SO BEAUTIVAL 😍. I'm 17 and single (like I've always been) Aaaaaaaaa, why am I watching this? Lo ameeee eres la mejor has mas seguido porfavor🤩🤩🤩🤩 I’ll give you points for 22:00 😂favorite song of all time. That’s tough she called herself out sayin she a thot Remember when trayaurus worked at a coffee shop And they became ninjas, and superheroes and stuff Memories man When he got the prizes who else thought thirst off thought the faces were edited on? 😂😅😁 also love u thomas. Hi sanna Who else is done with 1 grade ?I'm gonna see if before I star 2 grade I can get to 6k subs Gient ass Hey explain to us how a spore could infect us (the spores in the rainforest/tropical regions that turn ants into zombies) and how could thatspore jump from them to us. My favorite favorite favorite Y'all my ultimate fav couple I look up too thank you for all your music G 💜💜💕💕💕 This is awesome, but I have a question;If it's mostly air, and it isn't all that dense, and doesn't weigh much, can I throw it in the air and expect it to descent slowly, like a balloon full of Carbon Dioxide? Okay so when I seen the thumbnail the girls tongue caught my attention more That thing hella thick 😂 The code of conduct from GOD goes against (Immorality) gays! I'm supporting Israel Folau all the way! May God bless the man!
Thanks john, this vid helped me study for my english final 😩🤪😔🤩😎. MULTIPLE SERIOUS ERRORS IN YOUR DOCUMENTARY !!!Unbelievable - can you at least do some proper research?And talk to multiple experts?a) From 1848 until 1998, for 150 years, all gun laws were canton lawsb) One could buy ANY long gun WITHOUT A PERMIT! I know, I did it - I walked into a gun shop and just bought several guns, including assault rifles No permit, no registry entry Only hand guns required a permit Some cantons asked for a permit for long guns, but that didn't matter - it was perfectly legal to buy them in another canton that did not require a permitc) GUN CARRY, open or concealed, was LEGAL WITHOUT A PERMIT, in most cantons - for example canton Vaud, where I used to live I could carry my Beretta 92FS in a holster - and I did, just to provoke debatesThose were about the same laws as in Vermont Buy what you want Carry what you want No questions askedTHOSE WERE REASONABLE GUN LAWS!And yes, legitimate self-defense was and is 100% legal!And guess what?d) WE DID NOT HAVE ARMED ROBBERIES, back then Didn't happen or at most once or twice a year Now it's twice per week!WE DID NOT HAVE MASS SHOOTINGS! NONE!There was ONE multiple-victim-shooting with a military rifle around 1909 2 victims, if I remember it correctlyThe first actual mass shooting took place in 2001 in the parliament OF CANTON ZUG, not "the Swiss parliament" (federal, in Bern)! This was followed by several other mass-shootingsInteresting, isn't it? You give people the right own and carry guns practically without restrictions and you live in a totally peaceful country You start prohibiting and controlling guns and you end up demanding MORE anti-gun laws, because suddenly, there are MORE violent crimes What a "coincidence" And it happens every single time Take the UK: now has a murder rate worse than NYCe) Overall, our violent crime rate INCREASED by about 600% since 1998!f) Can we cut out that nonsense about "ammo" not being legal? The ONLY change that took place in 2009 is that they no longer handed out the pocket ammo to soldiers taking their guns home - we used to get a can with the equivalent of 1 magazine of our military weapon (assault rifle SIG 510, SIG 550 or pistol SIG 210) so that in case of a mobilization, we'd have ammo to ensure that we'd get to our meeting place with our unit even if enemy troops had already entered the countryThe fact that parliament decided to ban that emergency ammo was totally futile and a mere annoyance, as all that ammo can be bought freely at any gun shop - and usually, we buy it with friends in boxes of 1000 cartridges, because that's cheaper, especially for the assault rifles There has never been any evidence that the military emergency ammunition had been used for crime, but apparently, it scared some people on the leftg) Having to tell the police about guns you inherit is an extremely recent development Until 2007, there was not even a gun register! You could buy and sell guns privately without ANY paperwork, in the past When you reach "collector" status (more than 5 guns bought with a permit), you can get further guns without going through the paperwork At gun shows, the police will fill in your permit based on your existing permits Again, I know - because I did that last time I bought guns That's also when the cops confirmed that they didn't have any of my purchases from before 2007 on their computer systemThe only reason government wanted to destroy our gun rights was not because we had any problems with our Vermont-style freedom, but only because they wanted to join SchengenAnd now, Schengen wants to impose even more draconian restrictions on our gun rights - exactly as I predicted, in 1997, supposedly "because of terrorists", although not a single terrorist got his AK-47 or whatever legally - the problem is the Muslim mass-immigration to Europe, not our gun rights As we've seen in the UK and throughout the EU, they'll gladly use home-made bombs, cars, trucks, knives or whatever else allows them to murder peopleThe attack in Las Vegas, during which well over 1'000 bullets were fired from AR rifles, 53 people died, but in Nice, where the terrorists used a truck, 89 people were killed So no, guns do not kill more than trucksIn short: NO, not all Swiss people agree that there is a need for "reasonable" gun control except what we had before 1999 That guy you interviewed is not representative for Swiss gun cultureThere's another aspect you should have looked into: The KNABENSCHIESSEN - the fact that throughout the country, there are youth organizations that allow kids from 12 to 17 to compete with assault rifles - the Swiss military SIG 550! The military provide the guns and allow those kids to TAKE THEM HOME, because a competition rifle has to be precisely adjusted to the shooter!The Knabenschiessen is the most popular of those competitions and it's in Canton Zurich They have on average 5000 participants every year Yes, kids with assault rifles Who can buy all the ammo they want And no school shootings Imagine that!If you don't believe me, look it up - they have a web site with tons of photos and the media always talk about the most recent competition Sometimes I want to like a video twice This is one of those. Meu, eu simplesmente não consigo mais parar de ver esses clips, acho que tô apaixonada Rihanna getting fucked and jizzed on Vintage chess pieces Earth is round and the girl who said it was flat is a 🤬&$#% lie’r I don’t want to lie so mom I speak americanish 😂🤣😂 I’m offended smh. We will never be able to group they will kill us first Thousands of view is a lot I wish I got that many views lol. Wait why don’t they upload on FunnelVision? Why a new channel for vlogs? That quote from 3:41 is a sign that *everyone* should be worried with Their recent track record is XIV, XV and mobile games None of which has done all that well XIV had a horrible launch, XV just died and isn't getting anything, and barely seen anyone talk about the mobile gamesI haven't pre-ordered yet and I really want the old voice actors to come back But I just want that steel case in the deluxe pre-order so George Newbern can sign itAlso, Lawrence and Bruce knows what's up with Sephiroth~ c;Edit: TheLoneUser and a couple of others like him explained their point of view very well If you find his comments give that person a like if you so wish That is brutal Thanks for just making my testicles crawl in my stomach Fish jokeJ How much battery does he have in the car and can he breathe with the lid closed. 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I feel like I'm the only person that'll play Moze first Everyone else is for Fl4k or Amara. When someone says I am calling the police ,snatch his phone then beat the shit out and rob him *Emirichu did an amazing job with the voice acting!!!* Tranny creap pies *You all heard of the mermaid**The one half sexy**The other side just human*-Odds1sout. Manticore, it's half lion, with the tail of a scorpion, teeth of a shark, (and varies from which lore if it has a humanoid head or not) What you said about Charles Spurgeon underlining and highlighting parts in books I think it might have been therapy I'm an amputee and to help me get over ghost pain, part of the therapy was paging through magazines and drawing circles around every right foot I saw Also, it is well with my soul you can chop my foot off, anything can happen, but the one thing I KNOW is heaven awaits; by the grace of God WELL HOLLY SHIT I JUST WITNESSED HISTORYi already know that in 50 years i will talk to my grandchildren about this masterpiece. Chicks flashing pussy We are having sex Finally! What an amazing match Good luck in the final from Germany! Brazilian bikini waxing men Nicole u look like a Cavewoman at 2:41 w/ your wig pushed down like that 💀😂I love you tho ❤️. 3g p sex video It almost got hypnotized at 2:15 It felt like I was falling down to the right, of my chair! Book eros photo sexy offline dating app. Are You STUPID Or a NERD?!LEVEL 1, Y ARE A DUMMY IF YOU DONT PASS THIS ❤️❤️❤️❤️📘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️LEVEL 2, YOUR KIND OF SMART IF YOU PASS YOUR STILL A DUMMY IF YOU LOST ON THE LAST ONE📕📕📕📕📕📙📕📕📕📕📕LEVEL 3, YOUR HALFWAY TO SMART📐📐📐📐📐📏📐📐📐📐📐📐LEVEL 5, YOUR 75% SMART 25 NOTE PERCENT YOUR A NERD, A GOOD NERD 🔓🔓🔓🔒🔓🔓🔓🔓LEVEL 4, YOUR A NERD🖊🖊🖊🖊🖋🖊🖊🖊🖊🖊 I just noticed that 4 and 5 got mixed up Y'all are just mad because you can't even give those nasty racist Red Magat hate hats away on Facebook or Instagram 😂😂😂😂. They’re not the Burger King, I am since I invented burgers If they're so smart why don't they work in NASA, but instead they're spending their time doing this. Ricegums girl is literally wearing all his clothes lmao 20/25 To think I'm not in my 1yr as a BLINK I'm still confused about the leveling up the defence skill, does it lower your attack power or make enemies more likely to target you or something?
The moment u left the vault the only weapon u have is a bare fistFIST DOS DEATHCLAWS!!!. With a bit of modification you could work the pieces of your iron man armour around the jet suit, Need more collab! or a ridiculously wealthy patreon to let you buy the suit If there was a challenge to see who is messy Collin would win Like if u agree. The video that you say "what game is it" it a GTA 2 Parent: hey son let me see your gradesSon: gets all a’sParent: your getting a haircut I thought he was going to talk about the time he lost his innocence hAhHahHHahA what is wrong with me? Im from indonesia , BIGS FANS FROM INDONESIA ID ID ID. Getting the best seat at the moviesWhatever it takes Can you wear a sock to vidcon with a holo jacket plzzzzz School is terrible! It’s almost done tho and I’m going to angle island and Oregon Rob kills me bro, he doesn’t make any sense. Free pic porn vids dating sites you can browse Beauti women pussy Best adult manga series Done i love you james and i honestly would love to have these and give some of it to my mom and little cousin because we don’t have money to buy any makeup Dev bhoomi Himachal me rehne wale like krehar har mahadev. Bhai bs kr dy or ketna rulae ga chokas ho gya 2 video dekhny k bad subscribe keya ha Скибиди уапапа Скибиди уапапа-папа Скибиди уапапа-папа-папа-папа Скибиди папа Скибиди бум-бум, ай Скибиди бум-бум-бум-бум, ай Скибиди бум-бум-бум-бум-бум-папа-бум-бум Скибиди папаБла это ШЕДЕВР!!! Nudist pageant movie torrent. Watching this boy grow upNow I know how my parents feel
Escorts with large breasts cupid junction dating site Nude photo of karina kapoor Are you trying to kill these poor people I would die. Buck naked men and women Half of these people don’t even speak English Just wait till this year's rewind we need a big chungus with the egg while wearing airpods and that's just the beginning There is a lot of problems in this years rewind:First, The infringements upon copyrights around, Kpop About the BTS Army,Vandalization of Music and scenesSecondly, the characters, or meaning about celebrities, their percentage of "script and acting" is less than last year, and too focused on othersThird, Connection between celebrities, YouTubers and Youtube There is less connectivity between them than the last year, which makes this rewind no senseFourth: The plot following status and understanding The things about Fortnite, Kpop, or those mini characters around makes me confused and lost from somewhere It doesn´t have a specific point to startFifth, and the last: Issues and famous situations around 2018, like the battle of Pewdiepie and T-Series or the fight of Logan Paul and KSI Youtube doesn´t have on the count with this and doesn´t talk with them anything, but absolutely anythingThis is more than just a side of this video´s bad things There should be more that I can´t findAt the moment that should be allAnd I want to stand up against youtube, with this:"We´re watching videos because we enjoy watching them, not to count up views"For something more, at least don´t try the Article 16 or 22 or any number change on us Because we would fight with this until the last BreathDo you agree with this, guys? Almen a strips. Who’s here from pewdiepie’s YouTube rewind video Kala ko si lalakeng marangal sa THUMBNAIL HAHAHAH❤. When I click on guest it says network error damnn Um????? Did no one else see that glitching This guy is flipping shit over rabbit, I know it was rotten but eating rabbit is normal "Pubg wala h kya"iss ek line se saare pubg lovers ka vote le liya I like how Roy stopped Diddy Kong and Roy(Koopa) from cheating. My zodiac sign is cancer and I kind of look like the character you drew for cancer I wonder what the people said when they were looking for a actor? Was it somethingn like this We need a person to would like a super thirsty guy your perfect We need a person to take super personal pictures to show off your body that goes onto a world wide tv show and YouTube channel? I wonder did he keep that BITCH-UARY 🤷‍♂️🤔 Swingers threesomes orgies Broken Xboxs: *ExistTronics fix: Its free real estate. Is mark play the keyboard? Cause there is a keyboard in the back ground if he does, he should totally make a video of him playing it *I thought the title sees, The origin of circumcision xd* I mean it is horrible that jj is using his fans to attack deji but where did it start from? Deji trying to attack jj I was on jj side and still am because jj was supporting his bro but deji had to start the drama to gain U didn't fail, that just the ending for everyone. We are having sex dating after divorce The god is epic couse he made a big house in water. Watch what you say the quadrant have a YouTube channel
AkunnaRunningJumpingStealth SmartnessSpy movesSportsSo much moreI wish I could join but I dont live in america😥😥😥. Sex tube average women Pls do unicorn cake cat clock and the tea cup. I accidentally just threw my phone trying to watch this Amateurteencumshots com Teen enterpreneurs Why is MIA Khalifa on there that was the best song of 2018. Nothing wrong with this video and opinion Ok, I don't brag on the beer law now which has it's reason but others pointed that put already But evetything else? Viewed from a neutral point of view completely correctThe 'anti-america' point is something veeery complex because it has different reasons And I could easily write a book about this topicIf somebody is interested I will drop a few lines Mai ye video daily 5 bar dekhta hu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I thought this was gonna be like that collab with Kim k and Jaclyn hill, really awkward and James being annoying but it’s actually the complete opposite He lets her actually speak and Kylie looks like she’s happy to be there I just heard "majority minority", this is great. YOU ARE SO GOOD AT DANCING SO YOU SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 1 FOR DANCING THAT SO GOOD YOU ARE GIRL LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!😎😎😎 I ♥YOU POKEMON EMARALD VERSION OF THE 3RD NDJLXMC JDNFIRJXN Black lesbos 2007 jelsoft enterprises ltd Look number two won hands down! It all looked good on look two I like the eye on look one but two was better and what was this lady thinking out like the lips like that I know alot of trends from the 90's are coming back but please dont do the for any ones wedding it's not cute. Dislikers are the fan of lele pons and her goons #1 trending here in Norway! PewDiePie we love 💕 you 💕 From Norway Lil bit of repetition on ninja and pewds but heck yes this is the real rewind Im screaming this I what YouTube Rewind should have been This was so much that i didn't even realize how many things happened in 2018. And here I was thinking that Schmohoyo's rewind was unbeatable Well done guys We did it